Our risk solutions leverage the best technology available to help anticipate potential risk in any instrument or portfolio and provide valuable insight into the implications of client trading decisions on the fly. Risk is completely embedded into the TRADESMART® infrastructure enabling risk calculations that can be viewed at multiple risk levels with customizable views, from global client activity to a single product; and can be instructed to generate action in order to control risk.

Safeguard against the negative and focus on the positive with us.

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Real Time Access

Real time portfolio, position risk and exposure management across data models 

Value at Risk (VaR)

Utilize multiple models in running a dynamic VaR, see impact of hypothetical trades and portfolios


Fully integrated risk limits and checks including: 

  • Operational limits - fat finger, ticket limits, daily limits, price check, black lists, etc. 
  • Position and P&L limits - concentration rule, restriction rules at global firm level down to single account level
  • Value-at-risk (VAR) limits - multi-asset portfolio risk management and cross collateralization.