TRADINGSCREEN provides a real-time market landscape so clients can review the markets from all angles, instantaneously. We help identify unusual trading activity which can signal important market trends or events. Our program runs continuously throughout our clients' trading day so trends can be identified in real time. 

Unlike other systems, we operate on a local basis without any costly time call that can create errors or market impact. All information necessary is present at the point of trade and is calculated there, only in memory with no expensive database calls.

Managing portfolio and position risk has never been easier with TRADINGSCREEN.

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Pre-trade analytics capabilities include: 


  • Average Bid/Ask Spread
  • Market Impact 
  • Optimal Liquidation
  • Shortfall Risk
  • Approximate Average Daily Volume
  • Basket Exposure Analytics based on Country, Currency, Sector Updating in Real Time



  • Risk Tolerance
  • Confidence Level 
  • Exec Cost Contribution
  • Execution Risk
  • Integrated to Sell Side Models
  • Risk Models, Financing Indicative Prices and Single Stock Analysis from Partners Interacting with Orders and Watch List in Real Time