TRADESMART® is an integrated execution, order and position management system that incorporates key workflows necessary for operating your firm - including order management, position keeping, exposures, profit & loss, risk, rebalancing, allocations, valuation and compliance services - while leveraging TRADINGSCREEN's industry-leading execution management system. 

The components available as part of the OMS solution offer a very simple modular implementation and include:


TRADESMART EMS provides a customizable graphical user interface (GUI) that seamlessly integrates multiple dealers and asset classes (listed and OTC) into a single-screen format for electronic order routing. The EMS component is one of many available on the TRADESMART platform.

NAV Center

The NAV (Net Asset Value) Center is a real-time tool for position keeping, cash balance updates, exposures, and P&L that provides rebalancing capabilities and multi-level aggregation views. Position, cash, exposures, and P&L updates are published in real time, and profitability and risk information is retained. Summary data shows a high-level analytical view of the portfolio or accounts, real-time positions, exposures, and P&L and includes start-of-day (SOD) positions and trading activity generated by intra-day orders, executions, and allocations. A cash summary by account shows trade and settlement date balances for a selected date as well as position/cash details for detailed analysis on positional tax-lots or balance queries.


TRADESMART risk solution leverages the best technology available to anticipate potential risk in any instrument or portfolio and provide valuable insight into the implications of client trading decisions on the fly. As it's completely embedded into the TRADINGSCREEN infrastructure, risk calculations can be viewed at multiple risk levels and requested in several customizable views, from global client activity to a single product; and can be instructed to generate action in order to control risk. 

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Today's market environment is changing rapidly. With the reduction of market-making activities by traditional players, and new players emerging daily, liquidity is more fragmented. Given these changes, financial firms need to harness liquidity as efficiently as possible. The numerous capabilities of TRADESMART OMS allows firms to capture liquidity while generating alpha from the execution side of the business.

  • Execution Management
  • Manage Portfolio and Position Risk 
  • Value at Risk (VaR) and VaR Limits 
  • Pre-Trade Risk and Compliance 
  • Position and Exposure Management
  • Risk Limits and Checks
  • Operational Limits 
  • Position and P&L Limits
  • Compliance - Restrictions, Concentration, Exposures 
  • Diversification
  • Post-Trade and Allocations
  • Commission Module
  • Allocations Module
  • Post-Trade Operations