We normalize access to the industry’s best algorithmic trading offering for Futures and Options with our innovative solutions. Furthermore, our multi-broker access and single-stroke execution capabilities simplify derivatives trading for the buy side.

TRADESMART® connects to options exchanges across the world and is a fully hosted platform operating through seven data centers. We provided access to the widest selection of listed derivative algorithmic trading strategies from the leading brokers.

Other functionalities of our derivatives solutions include:

Order Workflows

Highly customizable platform for managing stages, working, amending and cancelling orders as filter according to your exacting requirements. It allows for monitoring fix-fix order flow for systematic strategies. Both manual and auto-generated execution report file capability for prime broker or clearing broker.

Post Trade

Allocation module, and drop copy and post-trade reporting

Risk and Compliance

Pre-trade allocations and credit check, enforcement of broker restrictions including customizable trading limits

Our unique products, coupled with TRADINGSCREEN's recognized leadership in multi-asset class trading, flexible execution management interfaces and instantaneous deployment, make our derivatives tools the most efficient alternative for derivatives trading.

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Futures and Options

TRADESMART connects to all global futures exchanges

  • OMS Staging FIX-FIX capability
  • Bank, Broker and Independent Algos
  • Spreader Algo
  • Slicing Ticket
  • Ladder Ticket
  • Spread Matrix
  • Options Chain
  • Single and Multi Leg Option capability
  • Real-time trade import-export functionality, Sophisticated Order Entry, Large order type offering, Direct Market Access (DMA - SDMA), Discretionary, Algorithms, Route-to-Desk (Care) and NOE capabilities.

Equity Options

TRADESMART connects to most global equity option exchanges

  • Option Chain
  • Multiple Pricing Models
  • Real Time display for Implied Volatility and Greek calculations
  • Single Strike
  • Multi-leg Strategy Algos
  • Volatility Strategy Algos
  • Delta hedge Strategy Algos