We offer a suite of bond solutions designed to display all liquidity across markets and achieve best execution in an easy-to-use interface:

  • TradeSmart® Fixed Income
  • TradeCross®

You don't have to navigate changing regulations and interest rates alone. We've created products intended to help achieve best execution with minimal work.

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TradeSmart® FI

For a buy-side asset management portfolio manager or execution trader, TradeSmart FI is the market interface you have been waiting for. TradeSmart FI does not just solve your data fragmentation issue, it provides you with powerful tools to decide how to execute your trade. TradeSmart FI comes with all the connectivity to allow you to access a super-aggregated feed to more than two million corporate, financial, and government bonds on one screen. Furthermore TradeSmart FI provides an intuitive display of all your present and past orders, RFQs, IOIs, trades, axes, similar bonds search, prices, most active dealers, internal holdings, internal interests, venue liquidity, crossing networks and more.

It provides full-market depth across all different trading venues into one central order book and offers the most comprehensive view of liquidity in just one look by displaying different levels of the central order book in prices, yields, and spread. Using this data the TradeSmart FI liquidity score will indicate the ease or difficulty of execution according to a variety of parameters so you can prioritize your trades. You will also benefit from best execution and trade reporting functionality.

With these tools in one powerful application your quality and efficiency of execution will give you a strong competitive advantage with almost negligible installation time and cost.


TradeCross unearths new depths of liquidity by allowing members to post their liquidity anonymously in a central place. TradeCross is completely anonymous, and protects members from counter-party risk.

TS is in a unique position to provide a fair and efficient crossing environment where all participants can interact with each other via TradeCross.