With the development of new trading models, and new counterparties, the buy side needs network access to liquidity, market data, information and positions. TRADESMART® EMS is a SaaS-deployed integrated platform that provides a global market view, which normalizes all products and leverages TRADINGSCREEN's deep data model to manage risk across regions. Its native support of most financial products and private products enables 100% coverage. 

The flexible fully-customizable EMS supports easy integration to third-party platforms across regions to bring all information into one single, organized framework to help monitor instantly and meet the needs of buy side firms.



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New regulations have increased the need for integration among portfolio management, trading management and control management. We understand the buy side needs greater integration on the same platform, leveraging the same tools to achieve new objectives. 

  • Market View
  • Order Monitoring
  • Trade Execution
  • Risk and Compliance
  • Broker Pre-Trade Analysis and Algos
  • Post-Trade
  • Transaction Cost Analysis
  • Third Party Integration