Our solutions enable allocations to be done natively in complex scenarios, like listed derivatives ”best fit” algorithms, but also can connect to portfolio management services that execute allocations or even to industry utilities like OMGEO. Even better, TRADINGSCREEN is answering client requests by adding a payment and payment instruction module to further automation of the workflow.

TRADESMART® offers a unique set of tools for alternative managers that spans the core functions of portfolio management activities, from positions, P&L, allocations and rebalancing, to post-trade functions and reporting.

Grounded in expertise and experience, our unparalleled experts work around the clock, so you focus on what matters to you, and let our solutions and technology handle the rest.

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TRADINGSCREEN supports complex allocation schemes on both a pre-trade and post-trade basis and utilizes advanced methodologies such as average price or TRADINGSCREEN's best fit algorithm to drive allocations in the OMS and to integrated downstream systems.


Assign allocations in more than one way and easily modify pre-trade allocations


Full integration to downstream systems, including OMGEO and SWIFT, through a customizable integration engine that supports FIX, XML and file based solutions. 


Unique system allows clients to allocate trades rather than executions