Data Normalization and Visualization

Our proprietary approach to data normalization and visualization facilitates liquidity aggregation across exchanges, and other liquidity pools. Our unparalleled  proximity hub routing selects the most efficient network path, keeping our clients one step ahead of the competition. 


Our OMS is an integrated execution, order and position management system that incorporates key workflows necessary for operating your firm: order management, position keeping, exposures, profit & loss, risk, rebalancing, allocations, valuation and compliance services.


Our EMS is a market-leading, multi-broker, multi-asset class trading platform through which the components of the multiple TS solutions are accessed. TradeSmart EMS provides a customizable graphical user interface (GUI) that seamlessly integrates multiple dealers and asset classes (listed and OTC) into a single-screen format for electronic order routing.


We offer a fully integrated real-time compliance engine that enables compliance officers to manage and monitor their firm’s ever-changing exposures. Both pre- and post-trade rules can be created using flexible templates maintained in the compliance rules library. The Buy Side Monitoring Window provides a centralized, real-time management solution to monitor cross asset trading activity and set compliance limits across the entire order flow and at multiple levels across the entity data model.

Universal Integration

TradeSmart connects to all leading portfolio and order management systems, creating a universally connected experience that ensures TS complete integration into the buy side workflow. 

SaaS Model

Our SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model means easy installation for clients – just one more thing TS makes easier.

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TradeSmart enables comprehensive and intuitive access to algorithmic trading strategies offered by the leading global brokers. Other sophisticated functionalities of TradeSmart include:

  • Portfolio Analytics
  • Compliance and Risk
  • Order Execution
  • Pre-Trade
  • Real-Time TCA Analysis
  • Allocations
  • P&L Tracking