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TradingScreen Professional Services to Optimize Investment Management Trading Workflow

London/NEW YORK: 10/11/2020 – TradingScreen Inc, today announces the launch of Professional Services, a suite of bespoke services delivered through our Subject Matter Expert (SME) knowledge and experienced implementation, integration, and technical teams for institutional investment management firms. Professional Services builds on TradingScreen’s proven track record of fluid project management and rapid implementation by formalizing a framework to work closely with clients to optimize their deployments, integration needs, and custom workflows.

There is a gap in today’s market for intuitive, flexible, and dynamic systems that meet the changing needs of investment management firms and, equally importantly, are implemented as seamlessly and scalably as possible. TradingScreen now has designed a structured, highly responsive, and agile Professional Services framework to meet this growing need.

Among its features, clients can expect customised solutions in the following areas:

• SaaS trading consultation, including architecture, infrastructure, security, project governance, workflow, and operational efficiencies
• System analysis and review to ensure optimal deployment and usage with maximized efficiencies
• Implementations, including new products and projects, either when onboarding new clients or incorporating workflow enhancements for existing clients
• Integration via FIX and other open APIs such as REST, start-of-day positions, allocations, and many more
• Building customized business reports and business intelligence dashboards, for example, on best execution, workflow enhancements, and specific products or new functionality integrations.

Dan Howdle-Rowe, Head of Professional Services at TradingScreen, said: “TS is pleased to announce the launch of our latest suite of bespoke services designed to service institutional investment management firms. In such volatile market conditions, firms are looking for opportunities to reduce operational risk and maximize alpha. Through these services, they will have access to a leading end-to-end platform that meets a comprehensive array of client needs for efficiency, ease of use, and the delivery of value added, customized solutions.”


As the leading expert in SaaS-based technology for financial markets, TradingScreen (TS)
technology improves access and fully automates workflows, resulting in greater efficiencies and lower costs for our clients. From our electronic trading platforms to our investment management solutions to our global financial market network, we are the industry’s most comprehensive technology suite available. Our trading and technology experts are connected and positioned around the world, enabling a “Follow the Sun” 24-hour, six-days- a-week support approach that literally never stops. And we’re constantly evolving within a complex, ever-changing marketplace to create sophisticated, customizable, and accessible solutions no matter what your trading needs.

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