The Finance Hive: Annual East Coast Meeting

The objective of our annual East Coast Finance Hive Meeting is to bring the East Coast senior FX buy side community together to plan around the big issues impacting FX and create a global buy side voice to drive excellence across the sector.

The meeting will assemble leading FX and Multi Asset buy side professionals from long-only asset management companies, hedge funds, currency managers, corporates, pension funds and systematic traders.

The day will consist of roundtable themes proposed by the buy side members such as real-time TCA; peer-to-peer trading; next gen algos; platform innovation; modern macro policies; clearing; G10, EM, and frontier liquidity; and so much more.

Our private member meetings are hosted on an annual basis in London, USA West Coast, USA East Coast, Singapore and Hong Kong. In addition to raising concerns as a community the aim is to create a global buy side voice to find intelligent and innovative ways to make market structure challenges work and to create change to ultimately drive excellence across the sector.

Your Peer Group Is Your Secret Source – Closed doors, Open minds, Chatham House Rule applies

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