Working for Us

A job is never just a job, and we recognize that at TRADINGSCREEN. What defines a valuable career verses mere day-to-day work? At TRADINGSCREEN we are passionate about employee engagement and make it our business to provide our employees a range of challenging and rewarding opportunities that align with business strategy and promote team work and inspire innovation.

We have successfully built a company culture based on our single most important asset – our employees. Our passion for continuous growth and innovative approach have allowed us to become the company we are today. We believe our employees should have the opportunity to grow and be part of a company that is making a lasting contribution to the financial markets.

We challenge our employees every day to think creatively and innovate across silos and across platforms. If this sounds appealing, we'd love to hear from you.

TS Values

We commit to our customers’ satisfaction and exceed their expectations

We are honest with our partners and operate with integrity

We act with integrity and respect and fulfill our promises

We foster an environment of influential action, where we transform inspired ideas into focused solutions