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We were born in the cloud but make no mistake, our solutions are grounded in expertise and state-of-the-art tools so your execution is the best.

 We are the leading experts in SaaS-based technology for financial markets that improves access and fully automates workflows—resulting in greater efficiencies, secure access and lower costs.

 We believe that technology should not be something you work with; it should be something that works for you. And for nearly two decades we have provided connectivity and execution management services that do just that. Through the turbulence and change that shadows global financial markets, we have consistently provided the ability to trade anytime, anywhere, and in any asset class.

 From our multi-asset class electronic trading platforms to our market data to our global financial cloud infrastructure, we are the industry’s most comprehensive and compliant technology suite available.

 But it’s our people that we are most proud of. We have a focused and dedicated team of technology experts that are positioned and connected around the world, meaning we provide a “Follow the Sun” support approach that never stops.

 And speaking of never stops, we never stop pushing ahead, to be ahead, of the ever-changing financial marketplace. It is our commitment to always provide the best technology to keep our clients performing at their best.

TS. Ultimate Trading Performance.

Unlike all other asset classes, FX, Futures and Equities, Fixed Income remains resolutely OTC.
Using the last twenty years of experience and technology development in Equities, FX and Futures, TS Fixed Income exploits connectivity and data to provide users with a huge step up in pre-trade intelligence, access to liquidity, execution quality and post-trade analysis.

Our Fixed Income trading infrastructure insights can help you identify and overcome the obstacles in the way of execution efficiency, venue and data management and stubbornly high trading costs.

Our existing customers will willingly attest to how TS has enlightened them and provided them with extraordinary competitive advantage.

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