Industry-leading all-asset class electronic trading solutions that enable buy-side traders to meet today's market structure challenges. 

Our SaaS model makes our trading solutions easy and fast to install. For those who need it now rather than later. 

Together, we’re Ultimate Trading Performance.

Ultimate Trading Performance

Automated Workflow Management that puts you on top of trading.

TradeSmart® OEMS

TradeSmart® OEMS

It all starts with TradeSmart, our core OEMS technology platform that makes everything happen. It puts what you need on your screen, customized the way you need it.



BidFX is an innovator in multi-asset FX trading and the market-leading provider of broker-neutral electronic trading solutions for the global FX marketplace.



QUO is a cloud-based platform that allows investment managers to manage positions and the entire life cycle of trades in an integrated and compliant solution.

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TradeSmart All-Asset EMS

TS automates your workflow to ensure that you have the knowledge and insight you need to be on top of today's trading.

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Get best execution wherever it is available 

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Reduce the amount of real-time decisions while ensuring best execution practices are in full effect

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Monitor, measure and compare execution performance

Advanced trading technology opens door to highly individualized and agile strategy, at the pace of automation

Electronic trading will continue to shape our industry’s future, delivering speed, scale and embedded compliance that provides a competitive edge.  But from here on in, it’s not only the automation that will shape the future.

How TradingScreen APIs are digitally transforming funds for outstanding success

TradingScreen (TS) financial APIs play a key role in digital transformation. They include a REST API, FIX API, and WebSocket API, and enable you to take advantage of TS's industry-leading all-asset class electronic trading functionality and data.

Royal London Asset Management selects TradingScreen to Drive Returns for Investors

The partnership will allow RLAM to trade across multi-asset classes within its £130 billion portfolio via one centralised platform, offering greater operational efficiencies and therefore more time to focus on execution quality. RLAM will also benefit from access to the recently launched TCA solution via TradingScreen’s EMS platform, TradeSmart, to enhance its best execution and reporting capabilities.

Algo wheel adoption picks up in derivs

Hedge funds are increasingly looking to design “algo wheels” as the best execution tool for derivatives, according to an expert at global fintech firm TradingScreen. In the equities world, the algo wheel has been prevalent for a couple of years as best execution tool, but now we are seeing some buy-side adoption of algo wheels for futures as well. We have witnessed a few large hedge funds in London that have been building their own dynamic interfaces to change the weightings of their algo wheels on a daily or even an intra-day basis.

Is the ingredient of broker neutrality the perfect recipe for TCA?

It is hard to think of another participant across global markets that divides opinion more than electronic market makers, or high-frequency traders (HFTs) as they are more commonly known. Are they the “functional equivalent of letting rats into a granary” as infamously stated by Berkshire Hathaway’s Charlie Munger, or an “important part of the overall trading ecosystem” according to former ICAP CEO Michael Spencer? Regardless of which side of the fence you are on, or even if you sit firmly in the middle, nobody can afford to ignore the increasing significance of these companies – least of all the buy side.